Wedding Celebrant

Services Include:

  • A relaxed and obligation free meeting to discuss your plans
  • Preparation of all legal documents prior to and after the ceremony
  • Creation of a personal and unique ceremony
  • Unlimited communication regarding your ceremony, via phone, email or in person
  • Access to a selection of vows and ring ceremonies, readings, poems, quotes and cultural needs
  • A high quality PA sound system
  • An optional rehearsal of your ceremony to ensure that everything runs according to plan
  • I will be dressed in a manner and style that compliments your wedding party and type of occasion
  • Conducting and solemnising of the marriage

Other Services

  • Namings Ceremonies
    A special ceremony to welcome and formally introduce your child to family and friends
  • Renewal of Vows
    Renew your wedding vows to show your love to each other
  • Commitment Ceremonies
    A ceremony to openly show your family and friends your commitment to each other – this could be same sex partners
  • Passing Ceremonies
    A ceremony to honour and celebrate the life of our loved ones